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Photo shoot all day

We are with you starting from your preparations until the end of the party / entertainment. Our priority is not to bore you and not to intervene in the process too much. We rely on our experience and make small suggestions when necessary. We aim to take natural, self-flowing photos like an eye watching you from afar. We understand you and do our best to keep our communication high throughout the whole process. Since naturalness is very important to us, we use high quality cameras and lenses that help us manage light effectively . We organize all the photos we take and deliver them in high resolution. Wedding day photo examples on our stories page. Below is a list of the shots we took that day.

Leaving home
Your preparations

Bride groom portrait shoot

Taking pictures with family and friends

Photo shoot during party / entertainment / wedding ceremony

D+S D-210.jpg

Short movie (Wedding story)

If you want a documentary-style short film that tells the whole day in addition to your photo shoot, this option is for you.

A videographer collects spot images that can be used in film editing all day long, that best describe the events and feelings of that day. Then we prepare a 5 - 8 minute film by taking these images into editing and montage with a certain scenario logic. High suitable for cinematographic images

we use quality cameras and lenses. Drone aerial shooting is included in this package. Also, if you want, we can increase the number of cameramen. You can see the trailers of the movies we have prepared on the trailers page. You can watch all the movies by visiting our Vimeo page.

Outdoor (Portrait) shooting only

If you do not want us to be with you on the wedding day and only want a bride and groom portrait (outdoor shooting) on ​​a different day, you can consider this option. All photos will be delivered in high resolution after editing.

current camera

A videographer records almost all of the ceremony during the wedding / entertainment / party. It is delivered after assembly.

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